Hey all!

Do me a favour and just read this post because it’s kinda important and will clear up a bunch of question I know I’m likely to get. There’s a lot to cover so I’m going to get to the point and be as brief as I can; more details on different stuff will come throughout the month.

June Theme: Adventures!

So for numerous reasons we have gone with Adventures! as our theme for June, the crux of it is that every map we release in June will have some adventure content to go with it, not simply an encounter, but enough content to generally fill out one or more sessions.

  • All tiers will be getting access to some adventure content this month
  • The All The Things™ tier will still be getting some exclusive adventure content
  • Some adventures will be for maps that we’ve already released, some will be completely new maps, we intend to give a balance of both so you folks are still getting new map content

Patreon Overhaul

One of the main reasons we’re going to be putting out Adventure content this month is that we actually already have a bunch of maps made for adventures we’ve just not managed to get Foundry ready; so the bulk of the work is already done. This is going to give us some free time to do the overhauls that we’ve so desperately been trying to find the time (and failing) to do. We’d really hoped to make a dent in it last month, but we took on a lot by doing all the collaboration content for the Tower, and Steffen has been busying away making something…. pretty awesome (you’ll find out what on Friday).

The stuff we’re looking to get done this month:

  • The PDF Brochure – This is nearly finished thankfully, it will be a catalogue of every map we’ve made so you can actually find the maps you want and which theme they’re in. We’re at a point where navigating between “Theme Master Lists” is very inconvenient, but Patreons “Gallery” system (ie. the gallery images at the top of a post) is just really terrible for displaying a lot of images. So we, as most people generally have to, have had to take it off Patreon in order to make is manageable.
  • MyAirBridge – Moving all assets and maps onto MyAirBridge, a drop-box style cloud where you can login with a new password every month and download your maps and assets. Like dropbox you’ll be able to download entire folders for full themes, not just individual maps. All content will be hosted here, it does mean there will be no direct links to files, but the folder format will allow you to quick find what you need in conjunction with the brochure
  • Map Files – Changing all older VTT files into the new gridless format (with the square/hex watermark) and releasing all files as a printable PDF, JPEG and WebP
  • Theme Master Lists Removal – When this other stuff is in place, particularly the brochure, it will remove the need for the various Theme Master Lists; there will literally be one “Master List” per tier which will have passwords for MyAirBridge Logins, links to web-shop, links to the brochure and some FaQ stuff
  • Tier Renames – Due to ongoing confusion where some folks think the “Map Bundle” is something they should be able to download, and not just one of the tier names, we’re going to rename the tiers to a simpler structure

Friday “Release” Schedule

Making posts every day takes a while, and so often we think people probably don’t really have the time to read them anyway, combined with having multiple releases or updates through the week can be a bit annoying for people and undoubtedly prompts them to just turn the notifications off.

What we’re going to do is stop posting every time new content is added (the content will still be added and for those of you who check in regularly you’ll see it, or if you update Foundry regularly you’ll get content). Instead what we’re going to start implementing this month is a Friday Showcase Video, a bitesized overview of content that has been released through the week, any updates, and an insight into what else we’re working on. So often we’re doing stuff that just doesn’t get released for a while, or just takes longer than we thought, so we want you folks to know what we’re up to and offer some more transparency and a chance for you to give feedback. With just one main video update a week (mini updates will happen if we need to flag up issues) hopefully people will be more interested to see what we have to say!

And that’s it! Not as brief as I intended, but there’s a lot that’s going on right now and we’re trying real hard to get things ship shape for you all, so hopefully you can bear with us just a little longer 🙂

Hope ya’ll enjoy the month, and as ever…

Keep rollin’ those 20’s folks!
Alex & Steffen