Wizard’s Choice – Map 10: [Tower] Void Ritual + Collaboration Content


Hey all!Today's collaboration for the Void Ritual floor is with Kelfecil's Tales, who came up with the concept for the map and provided a written Side Quest encounter to accompany it, as well as making available some tokens with their partnership with Printable Heroes. The encounter content is available in [...]

Wizard’s Choice – Map 09: [Tower] Summoners Circle + Collaboration Content


Hey all!We've teamed up with The Griffon's Saddlebag for our Summoner's Circle floor, a bunch of items available from their collection used for whatever dark ritual has been conducted here.They have provided us with 4 magic items, including description/stats and artwork, for which we've also created some placeable assets for [...]

Wizard’s Choice – Map 08: [Tower] Fantasia + Collaboration Content


Hey all!Today's Endless Wizard's Tower collab is our Fantasia inspired orchestral chamber room; this collaboration is in part with McRoMusic who not only came up with the idea for the room, but created an orchestral piece to play in the room. All around the room you can see a pattern [...]

Wizard’s Choice – Map 07: [Tower] Séance + Collaboration Content


Hey all!Our next collab for our Endless Wizard's Tower is a ouija board! What's a Wizard to do if Speak With Dead isn't a class spell? Have a big séance of course with their own Tensers Floating Planchette! This collaboration is in part with Jules & Ben's Animated Assets (JB2A) [...]

Wizard’s Choice – Map 06: [Tower] Class Quarters + Blank Towers


Hey all!Next part of our Endless Wizard's Tower is a Class Quarters, a nice little dormitory for your party to rest, or maybe a nice jumping off point for some Hogwarts-esq shenanigans in the tower. There's a variety of rooms (some hidden) for all shapes and sizes and a nice [...]

Shop Products & Pick N’ Mix Bundle Updates!


Hey all!Quick message just to let you all know that all the back catalogue content is now on the web-shop, including the adventures from March's Classic Dungeons. April's Classic Dungeons 2, which included the Candlekeep Mysteries content is now also available. The content on the web-shop is the content that [...]

Wizard’s Choice – Map 05: [Tower] Frozen Artifact + Collaboration Content


Hey all!Our second collaboration for the Wizard's Tower is a double collab (as they had originally worked together on their contribution to our tower), which is with Venatus Maps and Amellwind (Amellwind's Guide to Monster Hunter World), who have provided 6 icy monster tokens with homebrewed stat blocks, available to [...]

Wizard’s Choice – Map 04: [Tower] Herbalist Garden + Collaboration Content


Hey all!Our first collaboration for the Wizard's Tower is with our good friends over at Loot Tavern, for our new floor Herbalist Garden, they have provided artwork and stats for 5 of their themed magic items available to All The Things™ supporters who now get exclusive access to all our [...]

Wizard’s Choice – Maps 01-03: Endless Wizard’s Tower


Obligatory "Sorry for all the messages at once"; new theme, new Master Lists, as a warning there's also so updates coming later today.Hey all!New theme, Wizard's Choice, is a bit of a mixed bag of maps with our Endless Wizard's Tower being a core feature of the theme, throughout the [...]

Classic Dungeons 2 – Map 10: Candlekeep Mysteries’ “Mazfroth’s Mighty Digressions”


Hey all!One last Candlekeep Map to round of this months theme, whether you're a Candlekeep Mysteries owner or not, I hope you've enjoyed the theme with the variety of maps of all shapes and sizes that we've provided. As ever other things came up through the month that prevented us [...]

Fistandia Mansion – Map Correction


Hey All,Just a quick note for anyone wondering why another update went through on the Foundry pack. It would seem I completely overlooked that I'd activated one of the colour correction layers on the map, which punched the red up to a crazy amount in areas that I totally managed [...]

Classic Dungeons 2 – Map 09: Candlekeep Mysteries’ “The Joy of Extradimensional Spaces”


Hey all!Congratulation to our latest winner of our Candlekeep Mysteries giveaway, newsletter subscriber Heather S, who already has their physical copy of the book on their way to them! All Patreon supporters are automatically added into the giveaway, our last draw will be on Friday 30th and announced a few [...]

Classic Dungeons 2 – Map 08: Jade Temple


Hey all!Todays map is the Jade Temple a 14x30 dungeon set in a wonderfully exotic jungle-style environment, overgrown vines have started to try and reclaim this place. Scintillating aquamarine pools inset among a breath taking mosaic that dominates a central chamber, leading up to a final place of worship where [...]

Patreon Maintenance: Important Changes & Map Catalogue Preview


Hey all!Just a reminder you're going to see a few new posts popping up this week as I rearrange some of the Master Lists to get things more organised as well as sorting out the Map Catalogue so that people can easily find the maps they'd like to use. As [...]

Classic Dungeons 2 – Map 07: Candlekeep Mysteries’ “Shemshime’s Bedtime Rhyme”


Hey all! The next map/map set is out! Probably the most beautiful map that has been released through my Patreon to date! Whilst there's some of my core assets here, absolutely all credit on this one goes to Steffen for the extra detail and absolutely stunning lighting.This map is a [...]

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