Pick N’ Mix Map 02: Giant’s Throne


Hey all!Double environment variant for this map, both following along the theme of a Giant throne. The first environment is for a fire giant, the upper right chamber is an open area (hence the cliff face and not just the walls); in my mind this lair is made in a [...]

Pick N’ Mix Map 01: Village Square


Note: For all your new folks, apologies for the Master List spam, this happens at the beginning of every theme when I have to set up the new posts šŸ™‚ - AlexHey all!First map of the month is a village square in both spring and winter/snow versions with a market [...]

CotF: All The Thingsā„¢ Modular Forest Tiles


Hey All!Last update for the year, here's a bunch of 20x20" modular snowy forest tiles that can be used for a variety of wilderness encounters, the snow is seamless and there's no trees/bushes being cut off at the edges, so the maps can connect together in various ways. I've made [...]

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