Edit [31/05/21] Links have now been sent out to All The Things™ patrons who were pledged to this tier this month. The adventure will be available soon on the Web-Shop
– Alex

Hey all!

I was finally able to put together the full adventure for The Worm Witch as made by DM Luke of The DM Lair , as part of our collaboration agreement we are able to redistribute their content for VTT and The DM Lair redistributes the PDF version through their site, Patreon and Drive Thru RPG Shop. As we aren’t able to distribute Roll20 content outside of the Marketplace, this pretty much means the VTT content through Patreon and our Web-shop is exclusive to All The Things™ Foundry users I’m afraid. If you want the PDF adventure for this map then you can get it by supporting Luke.

The original Inside The Worm (Pick N’ Mix Theme) has been updated for this adventure, with the map edited to match Luke’s room descriptions. The map, animated NPC art and Foundry VTT .JSON link is a monthly exclusive and will be sent out as a Patreon link at the end of the month to make sure you can always download it.

The Worm Witch: In this adventure players are sent to try and help a town girl who has fallen ill and make a deal with a gnome witch named Auntie Avelon, more commonly known as Worm Witch due to making her abode within the remains of a dead purple worm.

The adventure features a bunch of new creatures, items, and we’ve even made some animated token art of the named NPCs!