Hey all!

So this is the first “What A MAD Week” video, our weekly roundup of what the hell we’ve been up to through the week and what we’re working on. I’m not going to say too much here as I just spend 20+ minutes saying it in the video… so go watch it!

All The Things™ patrons can get access to the editor now, go check out: https://wizard-tower.netlify.app/ (this link is also in the Wizard’s Choice master list page).

Not an All The Things™ patron? If you want to upgrade you’ll only pay the difference between your current tier and the cost of the All The Things™ tier to get access to the editor and all the other All The Things™ content we’ve released.

We absolutely want your feedback as we’ve rolled out the first version of the editor, leave your thoughts here or get in touch with us through our Discord channel.

Alex & Steffen