Hey all!

Our weekly roundup for our Patreon content, what we’ve been up to and what we’re working on. This week we’ve added another three maps with complimentary adventures; Fountain of Ochkhoro, Temple of Eliaris and Brightspear’s Shrine. We show an update on MyAirBridge and how folks will be able to access their maps, as well as let you know about next months Patreon theme!

Adventure Writers

Fountain of Ochkhoro – One Page Mage: https://onepagemage.com
Temple of Eliaris – The DM Lair: https://www.thedmlair.com
Shrine of the Swamp Hydra – The DM Tool Chest: https://www.thedmtoolchest.com/

Keep rollin’ those 20’s folks!
Alex & Steffen