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Today’s collaboration for the Prism Prison floor is with Instant Encounters, who wrote up a drop-in combat encounter for our tower. The encounter can actually be used in any location for any campaign and doesn’t have to be specific to our map, which is the whole concept of Instant Encounters. The encounter content is available in both PDF and Foundry format for All The Things™ tier supporters.

Floor 10: Prism Prison
A wonderous sight of a mirrored floor and ceiling fills this room, with a mysterious multi-faceted mirrored pyramid at its centre. Those who look into the mirrors and see their reflection will be forced to face it as it leaps from the mirror and tries to steal their body!

All The Things™ Patrons have access to the encounter in PDF and Foundry format; the Foundry format has been re-written slightly to accommodate more specifically the Wizard’s Tower map. When players step into the mirrored area they are suddenly trapped, surrounded by mirrored walls that they cannot pass back through. The encounter comes with a Reflection creature stat block.

Collaborator Spotlight

Instant Encounters drop-in encounter concept is such a great idea and worked really well for this collaboration. Instant Encounters provide a whole bunch of encounters for different environments that break down into Exploration/Puzzle Encounters, Combat Encounters and Social Encounters and can be easily added into any campaign for DMing on the fly. They also have a pack already available for Foundry VTT!

If you like what you see here and want to see more, check them out at https://www.patreon.com/instantencounters

  • The Mini Bundle:
  • The Map Bundle: Endless Wizards Tower: Prism Prison map, Foundry VTT Content
  • All The Things™: + Blank Backgrounds, Assets, Adventure (Collaboration Content)

Links to the Foundry VTT .json manifest links are available through your Patreon tier Master List whilst this theme is active.

  • Wizard’s Tower 16 : Prism Prison added to Wizard’s Choice Map Pack v1.10


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