First a head up, letting you know we’re not doing the tower as a double theme, we just have a few extra floors that we just didn’t have time to finish off last month. The maps released here will be available as normal, the Foundry content will be updating into last month pack so June new patrons will not have access to the Foundry content for these remaining maps. The pack will be on the web-shop as back catalogue next week when the theme is wrapped up.

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Today’s collaboration for the Terrorium floor is with Torchlight Press, who we worked with to put together a pretty awesome Little Shop of Horrors inspired mini-encounter for the Wizards Tower.

his encounter actually has some heavy focus on social content as well as combat, where players are able to speak to the big threat, and don’t necessarily have to even fight it/her. The encounter content is available in both PDF and Foundry format for All The Things™ tier supporters.

Floor 17: Terrorium
What was once a serene terrarium filled with plants, awakened by magical influence, is now a place of nightmares as the giant venus fly trap “Daisy” controls the entire floor and has made light work of her former keepers..

All The Things™ Patrons have access to the encounter in PDF and Foundry format; which comes complete with the adventure, monster stat blocks and full dynamic map.

Collaborator Spotlight

We loved making this map, and we’re so glad that Torchlight Press loved it to and ran with it! The heavy social component for the encounter really gives a nice unique flavour and gives players options on how they want to approach the situation. Torchlight Press is a growing collection of exciting drop-in adventures, maps, and creatures. They create new adventures every month for D&D 5th edition.

If you like what you see here and want to see more, check them out at

  • The Mini Bundle:
  • The Map Bundle: Endless Wizards Tower: Terrorium map, Foundry VTT Content
  • All The Things™: + Blank Backgrounds, Assets, Adventure (Collaboration Content)

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  • Wizard’s Tower 17 :Terrorium added to Wizard’s Choice Map Pack v1.12


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