As with the last release, reminder that we’re not doing the tower as a double theme, we just have a few extra floors that we just didn’t have time to finish off last month. The maps released here will be available as normal, the Foundry content will be updating into last month pack so June new patrons will not have access to the Foundry content for these remaining maps. The pack will be on the web-shop as back catalogue next week when the theme is wrapped up.

Hey all!

Today’s collaboration is with our good friends and fellow Northen lads (albeit they’re from the wrong side of the Pennines, but I won’t get into that here…) The Token Vault! They made two tokens for our double maze floor, as well as giving you fine folks the option to get the pack on The Token Vault shop for free where you can customize it (see below for details!)

Floor 18: Minitaur’s Maze
Not many creatures make their lair in the tower, but this floor offers a small labyrinthine level where to pass through to the next floor adventurers need to recover three keys from three statues. hidden among the maze to open the door. The adventurer’s are not alone in this tiny maze… they will face a ferocious creature of small stature… the Minitaur.

When we’d made the maze in Foundry we thought… hey you know what would be really cruel? Making a a maze that’s made up of invisible walls…. and then throwing a Gelatinous Cube in there for good measure. Obviously a Gelatinous Cube is a large creature… so we need something smaller… the Gelminious Cube. In addition, as we stripped out all the walls for the invisible maze, we’ve gone ahead and added a blank chamber to the collection as well, which is available in the Foundry pack and as a download from the theme list.

We think it would be pretty freaky having this thing (or more…) lurching around the maze and you’re not sure of whether there’s a wall between you. Up to you whether you let mages attack it if there is an invisible wall in the way (we say no!). In Foundry we’ve placed an invisible tile to show where the walls are so the DM can see them when on the main Actor tab, but players won’t be able to see it!

The two tokens are available to All The Things™ Patrons, as well as a discount code for the pack on The Token Vault (thatyou can find in the Bonus Content download from the Wizards Choice theme list), which gives you the pack for free!

In The Token Vault you can customize their tokens, as well as a bunch of other artists that you may know of, allowing you to change colours, styles, shapes and more to give you more control over your tokens!

Collaborator Spotlight

Big thanks to The Token Vault for making both tokens for the maze maps for this release, and giving you guys the discount code to customize them for free on their token editor. The Token Vault is a token editor with a growing collection of top down and portrait tokens that they both create themselves, as well as working with a bunch of artists to give their tokens the customization treatment as well.

If you like what you see here and want to see more, check them out at

  • The Mini Bundle: Endless Wizards Tower: Empty Chamber
  • The Map Bundle: Endless Wizards Tower: Mini Maze maps, Foundry VTT Content
  • All The Things™: + Blank Backgrounds, Assets, Adventure (Collaboration Content)

Links to the Foundry VTT .json manifest links are available through your Patreon tier Master List whilst this theme is active.

  • Wizard’s Tower 18: Mini Mazes added to Wizard’s Choice Map Pack v1.13
  • Wizard’s Tower: Empty Chamber added to Wizard’s Choice Map Pack v1.13


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Enjoy, and keep rollin’ those 20s!

Alex & Steffen