This is the last map release for the Wizard’s Choice theme, from tomorrow we’ll be starting the June “Adventures!” theme, enjoy!

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So straight away I want to say that whilst we made this map and set it up in Foundry VTT, the puzzle concept and the idea to use Foundry colours was 100% the work of Dragonshorn Studios; they came to us with the full puzzle and how they saw it working in Foundry and did the tweaking for it when placing, but major kudos to them for a really great puzzle! The puzzle encounter (albeit with some social and combat as well) is in PDF format so can be used outside of Foundry VTT, but will lack the visual elements that Foundry’s features provide.

Floor 19: Color of Light
A somewhat unorthodox wizard, this room is setup with what is only known as the contraption; a machine of brass, glass and channelled lightning that can open portals to other planes (the trapped imp in the room will tell adventurers as much!) Using a the brass console and creating different light sequences, the contraption is enough to delight and confound adventurers.

This room features a detailed puzzle where players (with help of the DM) will us the three central standing lenses to convert the coloured lightning into a prism of light to light up a sequence and have different startling effects. Combining the colours in Foundry allows players to create new colours (eg. turning on the blue and green creates Cyan, as below).

Players will find clues to the needed sequences from the parchment note handouts written by the wizard, making a very intriguing puzzle!

Note: The puzzle is not automated, DMs will give the effect of lights turning on and off by turning lights on and off and dragging tokens with lights attached.

Not only have Dragonshorn Studios created the adventure, designed the puzzle, created the handouts, added a new creature, they also made a bunch of token art to go with the release, all available to the All The Things™ tier!

Collaborator Spotlight

We were really impressed with the level of detail Dragonshorn Studios went to in creating the encounter and puzzle content, and it was great working back and forth with them as we worked out just exactly how this would come into fruition! Dragonshorn Studios are creating a whole bunch of adventures and encounter content for 5e and 3.5 edition.

If you like what you see here and want to see more, check them out at

  • The Mini Bundle:
  • The Map Bundle: Endless Wizards Tower: Color of Light, Foundry VTT Content
  • All The Things™: + Blank Backgrounds, Assets, Adventure (Collaboration Content)

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  • Wizard’s Tower 19: Color of Light added to Wizard’s Choice Map Pack v1.14


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