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Quiet few days as we moved around content and working out which map we were releasing next… well we decided to release six of them (Map 14 has a variant)! We’re also announcing our next collaboration with a good friend of ours, Will Savino, otherwise known as Music d20! Will has provided us with four different music tracks that have a fantastic magical theme to them, so will suit many of the floors for our Wizard Tower! One of Will’s tracks features on Floor 12: Lonely Hermit in Foundry and is placed on the scene. However, let’s take a look at all the new floors!

Floor 11: Soothing Spa
A relaxing meditative spa, bubbling pools, soft lights and simply the perfect place for some downtime. Let your adventurers enjoy the hot pools and steam rooms, unwind and and take a long rest in style before they head back out to murder innocent NPCs in the name of adventuring.

Room 12: Lonely Hermit
Seemingly the end of the road, with no obvious stairs leading to an upper floor, and simply a reclusive place of rest. In truth an investigation of the hermit’s study will find a perfectly ordinary telescope looking out of the window into space, a deeper investigation will reveal the window to be an illusion, behind it a secret route to the next floor!

In Foundry VTT this floor features a placed track by Music d20, added directly onto the scene for the All The Things™ supporters, as well as a mini-playlist of 4 tracks to be used elsewhere in the tower!

Room 13: Griffon’s Eyrie
A Wizard wouldn’t be seen dead on a broomstick, and they can’t just keep burning spellslots on their Fly spell; so instead they travel in style (like good old Gandalf) on the backs of griffons. Here the floor comes complete with a stable and landing pads for our flying friends.

Floor 14: Storage Room (& Web Variant)
A wizard has to keep their clutter somewhere, so where better than a big storage room filled with barrels, boxes, chests and shelves of all manner of trinkets and mundane clutter. Not much of an interest room on its own so let’s add….. oh I dunno… spiders! A web infested forgotten storage room is now the nest for a bunch of giant spiders!

Floor 15: Dungeon
What? You thought all wizards were good guys? Not necessarily, so here we have a bunch of cells, a larger oubliette and a torture room for our wizard to keep unwelcomed guests!

Collaborator Spotlight

It’s always good to showcase some of Music d20‘s, in our brief streaming career we use to put Will’s tracks on repeat, so we’re already big fans and it’s great to have some of his work in our pack. Music d20 makes a whole bunch of top quality music tracks to accompany your tabletop RPG campaigns, enhancing your parties downtime activities or adding the drama with epic battle soundtracks!

If you like what you see here and want to see more, check them out at https://www.patreon.com/musicd20

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  • The Map Bundle: Endless Wizard’s Tower: 11-15, Foundry VTT Content
  • All The Things™: + Blank Backgrounds, Assets, Music Tracks (Collaboration Content)

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  • Wizard’s Tower 11-15added to Wizard’s Choice Map Pack v1.9


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