Digital / Foundry VTT Map Pack: Swamps


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This product contains:

  • 23*x VTT quality digital maps in a single .zip file
  • The .JSON Manifest URL for Foundry VTT “Classic Dungeons” Dynamic Map Pack
  • 7 Pieces of Scene Art
  • Tile and Token of Baba’s Creeping Hut
  • Modular Swamp Assets

The back catalogue for my Classic Dungeons theme [Mar 2021], it contains 23 maps of with 10 unique locations including a sunken ship, lost shrine, abandoned hunting lodge, huge bloodmire, and Baba’s Swamp, perfect for your foray into Berez! Each map comes with its own blank variant to decorate with your own assets! Seven of these locations also come with their own digital Scene Art to help set the scene at the table for your players.

This set also comes with a full modular swamp collection including 41 swamp islands, 35 swamp trees, 15 cattails/reeds layout, and a tileable 30×30 swamp water allowing you to create your own endless swamps.

  1. Swamps Cemetery and Swamp Sanctum were two separately released maps, they link together to make the larger swamp Sanctum map.
  2. Baba’s Swamp and Bloodmire are 50×50 maps at 70px grid size so as not to be too big for VTT

Maps come in a range of sizes and all maps come in gridless versions suitable for VTT and have been compressed to make them ideal for virtual tabletop, with every map being under 5mb (for Roll20 Free Users), with a balance of image quality and file size. Print quality maps are only available through my Patreon.


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All my maps are converted into dynamic maps for Foundry VTT, each pre-built map comes complete with detailed walling, atmospheric lighting and ambient sounds and sound FX. Map packs can be quickly installed through the .JSON url through the Foundry module installer, the manifest url will be emailed to you with your purchase.


Note: The digital maps in this pack are all the maps available through my Patreon’ All The Things™ tier, if you are already a subscribed Patreon and aren’t interested in the Foundry VTT content then you do not need to purchase this product.

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