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This product contains:

  • 1x 140ppi quality digital map
  • 1x Adventure (Average Party Level 5) made completely Foundry VTT ready
    • Dynamic map with walls, lighting and sound FX
    • Built/Linked stat blocks for enemies
    • Journal entries for Adventure and room descriptions placed on the map via the Scenepacker importer module!
  • 5x New Monsters
  • Named NPC Artwork with animated WebP art to show in Foundry
  • Adventure modules do not come with token artwork for all creatures that are featured in the adventure, only creatures available in the SRD from Wizards of the Coast are linked (in Foundry VTT) in the adventure, none SRD monsters are referenced in name only



The Worm Witch is a full multi-room adventure written by The DM Lair, released during our Adventures! theme, with maps and Foundry content created by The MAD Cartographer. This module contains a complete adventure fully set up in Foundry with walls, lights, sounds and tiles. Journal entries provide full room descriptions, NPC characters and more. Adventures are available as monthly exclusives to my All The Things™ Patreon supporters.

Marace Talbot, a wealthy merchant, and his young daughter, Fenara, are well known in their town as kind and honest people. Recently, little Fenara hasn’t been feeling well and can no longer make it more than a few minutes before needing to lie down and rest. Her symptoms have been getting worse, and no one knows what is wrong with her. With no other options and Fenara looking worse as each day passes, Marace had nowhere else to turn but to a woman known as the Worm Witch; a cruel gnome who lives inside the body of a dead giant worm. A potion has been made to help Fenara, but sensing their desperation, the Witch has now gone back on her word and increased her price, Marace is now seeking someone to head into the worm and retrieve the potion!


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All my maps are converted into dynamic maps for Foundry VTT, each pre-built map comes complete with detailed walling, atmospheric lighting and ambient sounds and sound FX. Map packs can be quickly installed through the .JSON url through the Foundry module installer, the manifest url will be emailed to you with your purchase. Not sure how to install a Foundry JSON? Check out this post over on our Patreon!

Any questions about the details of this pack then you can email me at or find me on Discord: TheMADCartographer#3170